Who is Our Target Buyer

One of the questions considered when listing a home for sale is “who is our target buyer?”  The answer to this question serves as the foundation of a customized marketing campaign. Home buyers [...]

Welcome to Summer

Renewal…Crickets…Lake-side Celebrations…Long Days…Green Fields…Vacation BBQ…Garden Harvest…Fireworks Welcome to Summer! Above represents a little stream of consciousness on this first day of [...]

A Spotlight on Millenia

I recently visited the new planned community – Millenia. As a fan of pedestrian-focused planning, I was curious to learn more, so I headed down to Chula Vista to see the development myself. Here [...]

Spotlight on Los Feliz

Neighborhood History Before movie stars descended on the Rancho de Los Feliz, the land acquired a legend fit for Hollywood. Real estate huckster and horse racing magnate Lucky Baldwin bought it [...]

Crazy for Cabo

An easy 90-minute flight from San Diego delivered four friends to Cabo San Lucas last month.  We arrived at a modern terminal that is about 20 minutes from most destinations.  We all commented on [...]

Affordable Beach Living?

Beach living has always held strong appeal nobody has figured out how to create more waterfront land. This finite inventory and growing demand has pushed prices out of reach for most buyers. The [...]

What Makes an Icon?

Listing a condominium this week at the ICON community prompted me to perform a quick research into the definition of the word itself. icon: “a person or thing to be revered or idolized, [...]

Spotlight on Kensington

Since the first home sales over 100 years ago, this beloved San Diego neighborhood has retained its charm and appeal.  Home values are reaching new heights and this is a perfect time to spotlight [...]

Wonderful Washington

Recently in a conversation with my mother, Lily, I learned she had a strong interest in visiting Washington, D.C. I was not aware this destination held such appeal for Mom and after she described [...]

The Marvels of Maui

Celebrating the new year in Hawaii is as close to perfect as I can imagine. Nick and I recently returned from Maui and this destination continues to delight the senses. The first step off the [...]

Bravo Barcelona!

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid.  Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona became the capital of Catalonia and has grown to be one of the world’s leading tourist and cultural [...]

Spectacular Sunnylands

Dan Larson’s visit to famed Annenberg estate A recent visit to Palm Springs included a visit to Sunnylands – with a visitor center and public garden that are on par with LA’s Getty Center.  The [...]

Red Door Rave

Sunday brunch is one of my favorite dining experiences. There is something uniquely relaxing about this time of the week that adds to the enjoyment of dining out. If you are in the mood for [...]

Captivating Key West

A dear friend’s milestone birthday found a group of us traveling to the opposite corner of the U.S.  It’s not the simplest itinerary from San Diego though we soon found it was worth the time and [...]

From Sea to Shining Sea

Travel remains one of life’s greatest pleasures and this month had me enjoying a visit to both coasts.  A few weeks ago, Nick and I enjoyed a long weekend in Washington DC.  We had perfect [...]

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